Tumblr: A slightly irreverent look at the Libraries collections

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Exclusive: Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Tumblr

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This date might be good, it might help me to realise what a proper relationship can be like rather than a stupid game of cat and mouse.” “This was.

Have you ever walked into work, only to find yourself surrounded by camera flashes and luminaries dressed in stylish apparel? If so, you might be a Tumblr employee during Fashion Week. Famous people aside, Tumblr is a household name with a well-loved product, and especially for non-engineering roles, the company is bombarded with resumes when job openings are posted. How would one get a gig at Tumblr? In our Dream Job series, we go right to the source to find out what makes candidates stand out.

Also check out our posts on Klout , Birchbox and Fab if working for those companies could be your dream job, too. Up until three months ago, Tumblr’s biggest hiring need was for engineers. The key word was scalability, and the focus was building out the product to keep the site up and running for its users, who manage More recently, and through this next year, Tumblr’s looking to expand sales, marketing and evangelism.

The evangelist role is unique, even for a startup — it’s someone whose job is to be embedded in a community and share the wonders of Tumblr.

Friends With Benefits ~ Jeon Jungkook

Pop quiz: what is the favorite social networking site of Americans under age 25? If you guessed Facebook you are way behind the eight-ball, because Tumblr now enjoys more regular visits from the youth of America. So I delved deeper; this article describes what I discovered while exploring the Tumblr network. What are the young and restless doing on Tumblr all day? The answer is more complicated than it first appears and speaks to the continuing importance of the public web in the era of the walled garden.

For a long time, I thought of Tumblr as topic-based image blogging: In other words, self-expression through collecting pictures of a particular type of thing.

If you want the most options available, this one is the way to go. MORE INFORMATION. RELATED: How Online Dating Helped Me Meet My.

I started posting pictures of my meals to help me recover from disordered eating habits. Follow Garden of Vegan on tumblr for daily meal inspiration! Runner up: Brown rice and black bean burrito notes. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

How to Land a Job at Tumblr

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1 Year Of Single — Benefits of dating me: You will be dating me. I…

I started posting pictures of my meals to help me recover from disordered eating habits. Follow Garden of Vegan on tumblr for daily meal inspiration! Runner up: Chopped pineapple, raw almonds, halved strawberries, and sprouted grain toast with mashed avocado.

We, y’know, build Tumblr and stuff. This also gave us the opportunity to discuss the benefits their extension brings to the It took me awhile to wrap my head around it. Keep your eyes peeled here on @engineering to stay up-to-date!

Premise : It was all supposed to emotionless, but as you caught feelings for Jungkook, you quickly struggled to find a way out. Originally posted by jjks. You tightened the duvet around your body, brushing your hands through your hair, shaking your head at his smirking figure. The two of you had been friends with benefits for the best part of six months, it was harmless, just a bit of fun, no strings were attached.

Little did he know, you had a little something that had been playing on your mind, that you needed to tell him. Whilst you enjoyed your time with Jungkook, you still often wondered if anything more could come out of what you had between you. You tried to make yourself emotionless, but it was hard. He was gorgeous, and made you feel like no one ever had before. He treated you well, and was respectful, he loved to tease you though, and play with your heart.

Anytime he wanted you, you were there. Your heart was pounding as you watched him separate his fingers, to brush through loose strands of hair.

Cheers to dad

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Marissa Mayer has made her boldest move to date as chief of Yahoo! with the for a company with $13 million in revenue seems a little nuts to me. and the competitive advantages of Tumblr specifically,” Rohan added.

Earlier this month, Tumblr revealed that it had recently become aware that user addresses and salted and hashed passwords dating back to had fallen into the hands of hackers. We recently learned that a third party had obtained access to a set of Tumblr user email addresses with salted and hashed passwords from early , prior to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo. As soon as we became aware of this, our security team thoroughly investigated the matter.

Our analysis gives us no reason to believe that this information was used to access Tumblr accounts. As a precaution, however, we will be requiring affected Tumblr users to set a new password. But there was something else that Tumblr forgot to warn users about. Even without the passwords, attackers could spam Tumblr users using the information, perhaps distributing malware or phishing emails while posing as a genuine communication from Tumblr.

Hunt recently came across a database being sold on the computer underground containing 65,, unique emails and hashed passwords. I would also advise enabling two-step verification on your Tumblr account as well. Always be wary of unsolicited and unexpected emails, and exercise caution over opening attached files and clicking on links. But it’s not just their passwords that they should be concerned about.

perks of dating me

Two weeks ago, they finished the job, by dropping support completely for the 1. MarsEdit ceased functioning with Tumblr completely. Why should I continue to shed proverbial sweat and tears for a service that has shown little concern for me? I sold MarsEdit to many, many people who rely upon it to connect to and edit their Tumblr blogs.

I’ve loved women deeply and to suggest that me seeing a woman on the side 13 things you should know before dating a bi girl. Tumblr. 6.

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A First Date with Halsey, the New Queen of the Tumblr Generation

Submitting a resume is a required part of the admission application process and it is never too soon to review your current resume and make it a practice to update it on a continual basis. One important note is that all applicants will also be asked to submit a quantitative resume or quantitative statement this is a separate document. Requirements vary by program and details will be posted in a future entry or entries in this series.

Vegan FAQ · The Basics of Veganism · Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle · Nutrition on a Garden of Vegan is a tumblr blog where I post pictures of the healthy meals that I eat on a day-to-day basis. I started posting pictures of my meals to help me recover from disordered eating habits. Notes: | Post date: May 8th,

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Author’s note: waking up.

13 things you should know before dating a bi girl

Everyone knows someone who met their “forever person” though online dating — but not all dating sites are created equal. So, which are the best dating apps for ? The Kochava Collective , host of the largest independent mobile data marketplace, crunched the numbers to recommend a few sites based on the number of users.

I’m wondering if anyone with Tumblr experience could list the Pros and Cons of you’re probably not going to reap the latter two benefits. Its ok to keep clients up to date on my projects and has also helped me expand my.

Marissa Mayer has made her boldest move to date as chief of Yahoo! Mayer has made her boldest move to date as chief of Yahoo! The two companies, one an aging Internet pioneer and the other a young smartphone-era startup, on Monday confirmed the deal, which keeps fast-growing Tumblr largely independent while integrating Yahoo! Reaction was swift as the youthful user base of Tumblr put the California company on notice that they would hold it to the promise.

A Tumblr user posted an animated cartoon that showed Homer Simpson wearing a sandwich board sign bearing the message “The end is near” as he strode repeatedly past a Yahoo! A petition titled “Stop Yahoo! Many Tumblr fans expressed fear that Yahoo! Mayer said Tumblr would operate independently but that the groups would “work together to create advertising opportunities. Karp, in his own blog post, said he was “elated” about the agreement and sought to allay concerns about any changes.

Our team isn’t changing. Our roadmap isn’t changing

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