A Timeline of Rihanna & Drake’s Complicated Relationship

Chris Brown was arrested for felony battery after a Florida concert on Thursday night, due to an outstanding warrant stemming from an incident last year. Over the years, Brown has been found guilty of many charges, such as felony, assault, battery, and violating probation. The most infamous crime is undoubtedly his assault on former lover Rihanna back in , in which the couple had an argument that turned violent — Brown allegedly punched, choked, and bit the singer. He pled guilty to one count of assault in the court case that followed that same year, receiving five years probation. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg, as it was only the first of many high publicity encounters with the law for the “Kiss Kiss” singer. It all began with Rihanna. At the time, Brown was dating the singer. The couple had an argument that turned violent. Brown allegedly punched, choked, and bit Rihanna, leaving her with facial injuries and a hospitalization. Due to the incident, Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats on March 5 of that year.

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In , US singer Chris Brown had the world at his feet. He was working on his third album, and dating Rihanna, just as her music The judge ruled that if he left before an April hearing, he would go immediately to jail.

So where did it all go wrong? We may never know. While Rihanna believed her relationship with Drake was strictly platonic, Drake seemed to have believed otherwise. It always seems to trouble me. At one point in the verse, Drake implies that their relationship started heading downhill because Rihanna believed he was using her for clout. I was like, ‘Wow, this feels terrible. I’m extremely confident, so it’s very rare that anybody, let alone a woman that I like, makes me feel nervous or makes me feel small,” he said, adding that Rihanna is an “overwhelming and incredible person.

Drake and Rihanna seemingly put any differences aside when they joined forces for Rih’s infectious “What’s My Name?

It’s been a decade since Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna. This is what his life looks like now.

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Chris was livid, especially since he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend. This led to a physical altercation between Chris and Drake at a New York nightclub. Their friendship had turned sour and it almost seemed as if there was no chance of Chris and Drake being friendly with one another ever again. After an expected turn of events, however, they reconnected through mutual friends and soon followed each other on social media, which was more than enough evidence that their feud had finally come to an end.

It was when Drake and Chris Brown first graced the stage together. When the Canadian rapper was scheduled to perform at a show at Virginia Commonwealth University, Drizzy brought out Chris, which appeared to prove that both artists had formed a friendship with one another. I was actually in the studio with Chris Brown for a little bit.

Then I was studio hopping, seeing where I can lend my hand since I’ve done mine. Fast forward a year later Chris still had feelings for Rihanna at the time , so one can only imagine how angry he must have been. The pair share undeniable chemistry throughout the video, and Rihanna embraces Drake.

Lawyers For Chris Brown Pick Trial Date In D.C.

Karrueche Tran has reached her breaking point. The model — who has been on-and-off with Chris Brown for years — officially dumped the controversial singer after finding out that he reportedly fathered a nine-month-old baby girl. Tran tweeted her stance on the situation today March 4 , writing, in no uncertain terms, that she is not down with any “baby mama drama” and is leaving the “Autumn Leaves” singer. After posting the tweet, Karrueche’s name immediately began trending on Twitter.

In December , however, Chris made accusations against his then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, by alleging that, while he was incarcerated, the.

Brown has continuously been involved in various brawls and legal struggles since Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy and legal troubles. And in terms of his recent run-ins with the law, Brown was charged with two criminal counts of having a restricted species — in this case, a capuchin monkey — without a permit in December. February 8, Brown and then-girlfriend Rihanna have an argument that escalates into physical violence on the part of Brown.

Rihanna is left with visible facial injuries and is hospitalized; Brown is subsequently charged with felony assault and making criminal threats on March 5. June Brown is denied a visa to the U. He had been planning a short tour in the U. In a statement, the U. Public safety is one of our primary concerns. Each application to enter the UK is considered on its individual merits. March 22, Following an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America in which Brown is asked about the incident with Rihanna, the singer allegedly blew up in his dressing room during a commercial break and threw a chair at a window overlooking Times Square.

September Brown tests positive for marijuana while working at his community service.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Are Having a Bad Breakup on Instagram

They were friends, they were enemies and now they are seemingly friends again. But what has actually happened over the years between Chris Brown, Drake and their common link, Rihanna? We bring you a timeline of the events. It was confirmed that Drizzy and Breezy were recording together, when Drake told Etra; “I’ve just been in the studio.

I was actually in the studio with Chris Brown for a little bit.

Prosecutors say Chris Brown attorneys are judge shopping. Add to list. On my list. By Keith L. Alexander March 21, D.C. prosecutors have Meanwhile, the status of the April 17 date could be questionable. Earlier this month, a Los.

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For someone who calls herself Badgal, Rihanna has kept her love life relatively private over the past several years. In short: Rihanna does not have a type. Case in point: her latest conquest , Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel.

Chris Brown’s attorney supposedly wants the courts to cancel his client’s Con Air flight. Geragos also allegedly requested Chris be released ahead of his April 17 court date in D.C., as the musician will need extra time to confer.

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran’s relationship has been hard to keep track of over the last few years. Feuds and reconciliations have been frequent, and have often taken place through quickly deleted Instagram comments. While the couple has not been together in over a year, their past continues to inspire drama, most recently resulting in a beef between Chris and Soulja Boy. While their history is pretty convoluted, we’ve attempted to map out a timeline of their very public on-and-off relationship.

Check it out below. October Chris breaks things off to be “single,” telling Us Weekly, “I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives. I don’t know if that’s possible but for me I just feel like that. By the end of the month, they are living together again.

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